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Family Safety Abounds in the 2017 Ford Explorer

Many families pick their vehicles based on spaciousness and safety, and the Sanchez family in the video below is no different! They've chosen the 2017 Ford Explorer as their ride of choice and this full-size crossover SUV has a lot to offer you and your loved ones. On top of a luxurious style and a comfortable interior, it also offers a monstrous maximum of 81.7 cubic feet of cargo space, and safety tech like a rearview camera, a lane-keeping system, and enhanced active park assist. You'll be ready for anything and then some.


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How A Car Battery Can Go From Good To Bad

A car battery can go from good to bad within a blink of an eye. Each individual car battery has a unique life span. They may last 2-3 years. Some may last a bit longer. It depends on different variables. The battery itself is an important component of any car. It powers everything. It's essential for the engine start.

That's why it's important to have a solid car battery in your vehicle. You'll want to always observe your electronic components for any failures. This could be a sign of a weakened battery. You could see lower…
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Time to Start Planning Those Safety Tips for the Road Trip

In order to ensure you get to that vacation spot safety during your road trip, a little planning in advance can go a long way. Here are some important safety tips for the road trip to consider.
  • Bring a couple cans of tire inflator so you can keep moving to the nearest service station to get the tire fixed.
  • Pack a box with some assorted tools that can be used to make minor repairs.
  • Duct tape can be used to fix leaking hoses quickly.
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How Important Is It To Stay Prepared On The Road?

If you are driving along on your normal commute, or maybe you are driving on a long trip on an unknown section of highway and you have an unsuspecting accident or road incident, it would really behoove you to think about getting a roadside emergency kit. A roadside emergency kit could consist of a small amount of items, or many items. The choice is up to you. The bottom line is, you will not need the items found in these kits until you really need them! Having a kit at the ready, could potentially save your butt in the event…
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Save Money on Gas!

Getting better gas mileage is a lot easier than you think. It just takes a few tweaks and you can get better gas mileage without even trying. First off, you want to keep your vehicle as streamlined as possible. Try to avoid hauling cargo on the roof or on the back of your vehicle, because it will use more gas. Try to also avoid letting your vehicle idle for long periods of time and use your cruise control when you are driving on the highway. By letting your car idle, you can lose up to a half gallon of fuel…
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The 2017 Ford C-Max Was Made For The Smart Driver

Vehicles often reflect the character of the people who own them. Some are into high end luxury while others want power and ruggedness. The 2017 Ford C-Max was designed for those who need a practical and versatile automobile. It is loaded with all of the technological features that are expected of a new car. However, it saves the buyer money on a variety of levels. It has a fuel efficient engine that provides great power on the highways. The interior has the feel of a high end automobile. There is space for several passengers to travel comfortably inside. The safety…
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The Safe and Reliable 2017 Ford Edge

The Reliable 2017 Ford Edge

If you have a small family, you are probably looking for a safe and reliable vehicle. If this sounds like you then The 2017 Ford Edge is the perfect option for you. The 2017 Ford Edge has enough seating for up to five people. The seats in the 2017 Ford Edge may be folded down, so you can have more storage room inside the vehicle if needed. The 2017 Ford Edge gets an estimated 21 miles per gallon while driving in the city and 29 miles per gallon while driving on the highway.

Safety Technologies…

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Synthetic or Traditional Oil? What's The Deal?

Every time you go to change your oil you will see both the regular and synthetic options when it comes to oil. So what is the difference?

As you may have guessed the regular oil is what has been used for many years. It is a natural oil that is blended with additives to help it function better in your car. Regular oil is still a good option for people whose car recommends it and who complete their oil changes on a regular basis.

Synthetic oil is blended in a lab to help improve its functionality. Synthetics work better in…
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