The 2018 Ford Taurus proves time and again that the full-size sedan is never going out of style!

With the ever-expanding midsize sedan segment taking up more and more of the market, it seems that for many brands, full-size sedans are a thing of the past. Luckily, that's not true of the Ford brand. In fact, if anything, the 2018 Ford Taurus is only getting more appealing and dynamic as time goes on.

Now, one of the main appeals of the full-size sedan segment has always been ample interior space. If you've got a growing family here in the Nokomis, FL area, a large sedan like the new 2018 Ford Taurus will be a great fit, as its airy, well-appointed cabin offers plenty of room for you and your loved ones to stretch out on longer trips, while its 20.1 cubic-feet of trunk space offers ample room for everything from suitcases to golf bags.

However, ample space is far from all that the 2018 Ford Taurus has in store for drivers in the greater Sarasota and Venice, FL areas. Looking for a little extra peace of mind on the road? With safety features like a forward collision warning system, lane departure warning and intervention, and so many more, the 2018 Ford Taurus makes it easy to worry less about hazards and simply enjoy your time on the road.

Of course, with a full-size sedan as large and sophisticated as the new 2018 Ford Taurus, there are simply too many features and innovations to truly do justice to in the span of just one blog post. So, if you'd really like to get a feel for what a modern full-size sedan can do, stop by Matthews-Currie Ford in Nokomis, FL to take a test drive with the new 2018 Ford Taurus today!

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